Saturday, July 2, 2011

We all want to be Bob!

My good friend, the "Man in Black" Bob Tilton has a great little blog out there in the clouds somewhere.  Bob is the creative sort - the polar opposite of my pragmatic personality and his blog reflects this. I highly recommend that you check it out - - plus he updates it a lot more than I do mine.  In fact, most of you who visit my blog probably went to his first, so...umm..thanks Bob ... I guess.

As different as we are personality-wise, we both seem to love the same things in early 911's. Well, for example, Bob loves his car and I love his car too. Tis a nice car, but I tend to think he takes it for granted some times.

This is Bob

This is Bob's car

And most importantly, this is bobs book.  Go to Werkcrew and buy Bob's book. Its worth it!

Yesterday, Bob posted a few photos of one of my favorite early 911's on his Blog.  So, I decided that I would mimic him and post photos that I took of the same car. Copying Bob cant do anything but drive more people here, right?  =)

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