Monday, May 20, 2013

Product Review: Porsche Reproduction Engine Grills for 911

So last week I was at Aase Sales ( poking around in the parts dept when Homer handed me a large rectangular box. Inside was a brand new Porsche reproduction engine grill. Of course he knew I wouldn't be able to put it back...

What a nice piece of jewelry this thing is. It would take an awful lot of work to restore an original piece to look as good as this one. The bars are perfectly straight, anodizing and paint is I said, a nice quality piece. Comparing it side by side with my original grill everything looked spot on. The shape was the same, the spacing of the bars is the same and the way each bar is terminated was just like my original piece. The only difference that I could find was that the new grill has a slightly smaller mesh opening that the original. A little annoying, but you would have to be a pretty serious anorak to notice that when it is installed.

All in all, I am really happy and think it will finish off my restoration quite nicely. Aase Sales also had some black ones in stock for the 2.4 liter cars.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

1974 911 Coupe Roller

This is a West Texas 74 coupe without sunroof. Very solid old car. Would be perfect for a track car or hot-rod street car. I was going to make throw my hot-rod engine in it and make a summer race car, but ran out of time and $$$. Very solid body with the exception of a little rust on the pass side door sill and the bottom of the door. Most of the interior has been removed and the inner floor pan has been scraped of loose tar-board and coated in black epoxy. (windows leaked) Its a good honest car. No engine

The Good
- VERY straight body
- No collision damage
- Includes 74 915 transmission
- Floors and parcel tray are like new
- Includes brand new TRE lightweight carpet, harness bar, half-shafts, oil tank
- Includes a good passenger door.
- 4 good 15x6 fuchs

The Bad
- Door stop torn from drivers door (I was going to fab a leather strap)
- Several layers of paint. Paint is dead...not as nice as it appears in photos
- Front pan cut for AC condenser and smugglers box cut for AC

I will be posting a couple dozen photos to my blog later tonight - Renn-Spot

Happy to answer an questions.

Price $ale Pending

Wednesday, May 1, 2013