Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dillon Colorado - May 2006

The Midwest R Gruppe drove 2500 miles + to California in 2006 and one of the stops was in Dillon, Colorado.  This shot was taken on a boat ramp at Dillon Reservoir. The snow in the morning had been forgotten later that day as we drove through the Mojave desert.

A lot of memories from that trip....

Ludwig, the MAD 2.8

For the past couple of years I have been digging pocket change from under the couch cushions and scrounging parts to build a new engine for my '70 911 "S".  The original 2.2l has been covered up and tucked into the corner and this new 2.8l beast is being made ready.  I hoped to have it running this past summer...but that just didn't happen.

Getting closer though.  A few final details and we will be ready to go!

Leather Sofa's and Old Steering Wheels

The mailman brought me this cool old 350 mm Momo Monza steering wheel last week.  The leather is just amazing.  Only problem is that it apparently was involved in a hard accident at some point and the top two spokes were broken.

I am tempted to leave it as-is simply because the repair is just so cool with the old rivets and such.  I really want to use it in the car though, so I plan to drill it apart this weekend, have it TIG'd and then file and finesse it back to perfection...but maybe not...I just cant decide! 

Should be a fun project.  I love the wheel, only thing that would make it better is if it was 380mm.

I will update when I get more done.