Friday, July 13, 2012

Vintage Seats In The House!

Michael Eberhart had his new Vintage Seats display at the Porsche Parade this week. Michael purchased the business last year and has been working like crazy to improve output and revamp the business. Plus he has that way-cool demo car.
Need some cool seats for your project - check him out!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

FS - 1970 911T w' 3.2 Short Stroke!

This is a freshly completed car that was built with the best of everything. An amazing car. The James Bond of early 911's - brutally fast yet refined and classic in appearance. No expenses were spared and no excuses made during this restoration.

Slate Gray w' S Trim

Perfect H1 headlights & perfect orange bar hood crest
All paint and body was done by a European specialty shop known for concours winning cars (Amelia Island for example). Gaps and fit /finish are very good.


Original sports seats with tilts restored by Tony at Autobahn. Black German leather with Soteric's houndstooth.
German "S" Haargas carpeting from Tony @ Autobahn
New Autobahn headliner
Gauges refinished by N Hollywood
Brand new Porsche door pockets
Newly upholstered knee pads by Tony @ Autobahn
New trunk carpet from Tony @ Autobahn
Perfect original dash and speaker grill!
Momo steering wheel with vintage cast hub and vintage chrome ring horn push
Coco mats
Restored Becker Europa w' Ipod plug

3.2 short stroke (70.8 crank 98 mm pistons) liter built by John Truman of Stoddard Racing fame
Everything new and of the highest quality internally.
New PMO carbs
JB Racing Twin Plug dist and wires
Fresh heads by Rennsport Syst with new valves, Ti keepers, etc
NEW factory oil cooler with powdercoated OEM lines and a late fender mount oil cooler
Series 900 amber engine shroud (remaining steel tin has been powdercoated black)
NEW SSI stainless heat exchangers and stainless Dansk muffler
10.3:1 compression
Estimated 270 HP

Transmission:915 w' factory limited slip
Sachs sport clutch w' alum pressure plate
Wevo coupler and Rennshifter

New Koni Sport Adjustable
Torsion bars: F - 21 mm Sanders / R - 26mm Turbo
Tarrett RSR sway bars
Elephant racing brass rear bushings
Elephant Racing front rubber bushings
Adjustable spring plates
All suspension powder coated or plated

NEW Factory Turbo Calipers
Rennsport Systems front rotors / OE Turbo rear
New master cylinder and stainless lines

Restored by Harvey Weidman including deep 6 spare with original spare tire.
Deep 6's on front / Harvey 7R's on rear 

Battery: Odyessey Gel in stock location

Price: $old
More photos available soon.
Contact me at "Cornpanzer(at)sbcglobal(dot))net"


Friday, July 6, 2012

Ault Park Concours - Cincinnati Ohio - June 2012

Random shots that I took last month at the Ault Park show.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Coming soon - A Cal-Look VW Film

Looks like it will be fun. Lotsa familiar faces if you've been around the VW scene for a while.