Friday, December 30, 2011

For Sale - 1972 911 T Sunroof

Imagine youself driving this sunroof coupe on a crisp spring morning. Cool breeze and early spring sunlight cascade through the roof, while the vents keep things warm inside. Prepare for spring now!

This is an outstanding Gemini Blue '72 T with 75,989 original miles. Included in the sale are the original manuals, tool-kit, jack and service and repair receipts including the original bill of sale and Blaupunkt radio manual.

The car has been repainted to a very high standard. Panel fit is excellent with good gaps. Interior is in excellent condition with a nice original dash and leather steering wheel. Seats appear to be original vinyl, but with replacement hounds-tooth inserts. All chrome and stainless trim is in excellent condition.
This T was nicely optioned with a 5-speed transmission, tinted glass, "S" appearance package, "Special Paint" and the Blaupunkt AM-FM Radio. 
Currently in a private collection, this car shows every indication that it was well loved and cherished by its two previous owners.
Take a few minutes to check out the photos and contact me at "" for additional information.
Price: $SOLD
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Right There in Black & White

There is a specific technique and art to converting a color image to B&W. Its not so simple as clicking the B&W button on Photoshop. I have been playing around a little bit and trying different methods. Is this photo "great"? No, not really, but I like it and since I cant drive my car in the middle of winter, I can only look at photos.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Michael Delaney's Driving Suit sells for $984,000 USD

Who is Michael Delaney? Why that was the character Steve McQueen played in the movie LeMan's. I really dont know what to say or even think about this...
Here is the excerpt from the auction house catalog. Poor little Timothy Davies must be kicking himself!

LOS ANGELES, November 3, 2011- Profiles in History, run by Joe Maddalena is proud to announce a major addition to their already stellar "Icons of Hollywood" auction, Steve McQueen's "Michael Delaney" screen used Gulf driving suit from, Le Mans, the most influential movie about racing ever made. The two-piece racing suit (jacket and pants) features a zipper and Velcro closure jacket with “Michael Delaney” stitched in blue thread above the right breast zipper pocket, iconic orange and blue Gulf racing stripes as well as Gulf patches on the breast and back.  In addition there are United States flag, Hinchman Nomex, Heuer Chronograph and Firestone sponsor patches. The "Icons of Hollywood" auction is set for December 15, 16 and 17 at The Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills.

When principle filming of Le Mans was completed, Solar Productions donated this suit to the British newspaper, The Observer for a special Le Mans-themed contest in 1971.  By answering 3 Le Mans history questions correctly 12 year old Timothy Davies of Wolverhampton, England was chosen as the winner and presented with the suit by racing driver Richard “Dickie” Attwood, winner of the 1970 Le Mans race and driver of the Porsche 917K Gulf car during driving sequences in the film. Filmed on location in Le Mans, France, the film’s spellbinding cinematography provides a thrilling glimpse of the sights and sounds of Porsche 917s and Ferrari 512s, locked in fierce competition for outright victory.  It featured footage from the actual 1970 24 Hours of Le Mans race and remains popular with racing enthusiasts today as it accurately depicted the era with lots of racing and minimal dialogue.  The film featured numerous top-level racing drivers of the day for the driving sequences including Derek Bell, Vic Elford, Jacky Ickx, Brian Redman, Jo Siffert and many others.  The suit is in excellent condition and without question, one of the pinnacles of motorsport memorabilia and the Holy Grail of racing film costumes. The suit has a presale estimate of $200,000-$300,000. Image of Steve McQueen in Le Mans (©) Solar Productions 1971

Saturday, December 17, 2011

NOS Factory 356 body panels

Found a nice cache of NOS body panels recently. Hard to find stuff here....
More info can be found here -

Buy knowing that you will be financing major wintertime projects on my 911. =)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Brian Redman / Porsche 908-3 In-Car at Rennsport

Thanks to Road & Track Magazine for posting this video. The soundtrack seems like it gets out of sync between the 2 and 3 minute mark, but other than that it is a hair-raising orchestra of Flat-8 accompanied by Flat-12's.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Werk Crew Calender for the year Twenty and Twelve

Love getting packages from the WerkCrew compound.  Someday, WerkCrew will be as recognizable and exciting as Apple is today. When that day comes, we little people will be able to say that we knew boB when he was still answering his own emails.

The latest exciting package to arrive was my copy of the limited edition 2012 WerkCrew Calender. Not your traditional calender, you wont be scribbling in appointments with your therapist or meetings with your bookie in evenly spaced grids. Nope, each month has a different layout. Now, when you flip the page at the beginning of a new month, you have the thrill of a new photo as well as a different layout. Functional...not always. Cool and fun, absolutely.

Get yours here while you can -

Monday, December 5, 2011

Goin to a Togo Party

Togo Brown. Not the first color that comes to your mind when you think "sexy vintage Porsche colors". But in reality it is a really cool shade of brown. I have seen it on early 911's but I think it really works well on 356's like this 65 Coupe.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

1968 912 Barn Find (Garage) For Sale

Original owner, original paint 912. Just found in a small wooden garage and purchased from the 94 year old widow of the original owner.
The car is completely unmolested and original. Yes, it has a couple of rust spots, but the floors and underside are very solid.
One year only 68 interior is nearly perfect. Will just need some tidying up. Original carpet is in excellent shape and the car still smells fresh. No mold or mustiness. Even the seat hardware is clean and shiny.  Car has been washed and that is it. Needs complete recommissioning (brakes, fuel, etc) but the engine turns over by hand and I was told that it was driven into the garage. I have no reason to suspect that there are any problems with the engine.
Another $10-12k will make this one of the cleanest original 912's out there. Be sure to look at the trunk area, behind the dash and the interior details.

50+ photos here:

Price - SOLD!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Glorious Sound of Power

2.8 liter twin-plug high butterfly MFI motor through a factory rallye exhaust. I could listen to it all day.Thats Raj's RSR and Aaron Burnham whacking the loud pedal.

Absolutely on Rails!

Saw this on one of my favorite blogs -

No story, but I thought it was a great image.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Texas BBQ Round Up

Wen to East TX this past weekend to visit family. While there I made arrangements with my buddy and fellow RGruppe member Bob Aines to cruise to Dallas and meet up with some of the Texas Gruppe for lunch. We met up at Jack Griffin's pad to see some of his toys which include a 914-6, Outlaw 356 sunroof coupe, '69 912 and a super low mileage 3.2 Carrera.

What was supposed to be a quick meet & greet ended up turning into a serious bench racing session while standing around in the garage.
Ed Mayo "Did I say something wrong?"
Anyone know a good barber?


Eventually, someone's stomach reminded us that we were supposed to be going to lunch, so we headed out. I seized the opportunity to jump into Mark Hanna's '69 911S RaceCa....errrr "Street Car". This is one angry and cantankerous little car. Light, loud and was a blast to ride in. Suburban Dallas didnt know what to think of this noisy little furrin car! Thanks Mark!