Sunday, December 26, 2010

For Sale - '73 T 911 Engine w' MFI

This is a complete and running MFI motor from a '73 T.  The engine has 76,000 original miles on it and is in good running condition.  A leakdown test was performed last month and the engine shows less than 3% leakage on each cylinder.  It comes complete with good heat exchangers and muffler.  The cam drive seal for the MFI has been replaced and a new set of Bosch spark plugs recently installed.

Reason for the sale is that the chassis is being converted to a '73 RSR and the engine will be replaced with a 3.6 liter.

Cost is $4,250.00 and includes palletizing and freight within the continental U.S.  The engine is still in the car and is located in Columbus, OH if potential buyers would like to see it run.


Please see video below.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

908 at Daytona

The 908 in its various incarnations (Coupe, Spyder, Long-Tail, Flunder,908/02, 908/03) is probably my favorite plastic Porsche racing car.  Over the period of four years, 908's won at Zeltwig, Hockenheim, Watkins Glen, Mantorp, the Salzburgring, Daytona, Brands Hatch, Monza, Spa Francorchamps and at the Nurburgring!  They nearly beat the mighty Ford GT40's at LeMans in 1969 even though the Fords had twice the engine capacity.

Has any other racing model ever won at so many different tracks and events?

Im not sure of the history of this particular car, but the photo was snapped in Daytona during the last Rennsport Reunion in 2007.

For Sale - '92 911 Carrera 2 (964)

With only 14,000 miles this spotless original 964 Targa is truly spectacular.  The last of the air-cooled 911's, the 964 series has been overlooked for years but now seems to be in the midst of a Renaissance.
 This C2 Targa was built in Sept 1991 and was ordered a jewel-like shade of green called Oak Green Metallic.  The interior is Cashmeire Beige leather with contrasting leather piping on the seats and the Porsche crest embossed on the headrests.

Other options are headlamp washers and a Blaupunkt "Stuttgart" cassette stereo.

Price - SOLD
Click on the  photo to see a 20 photo slide-show.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dillon Colorado - May 2006

The Midwest R Gruppe drove 2500 miles + to California in 2006 and one of the stops was in Dillon, Colorado.  This shot was taken on a boat ramp at Dillon Reservoir. The snow in the morning had been forgotten later that day as we drove through the Mojave desert.

A lot of memories from that trip....

Ludwig, the MAD 2.8

For the past couple of years I have been digging pocket change from under the couch cushions and scrounging parts to build a new engine for my '70 911 "S".  The original 2.2l has been covered up and tucked into the corner and this new 2.8l beast is being made ready.  I hoped to have it running this past summer...but that just didn't happen.

Getting closer though.  A few final details and we will be ready to go!

Leather Sofa's and Old Steering Wheels

The mailman brought me this cool old 350 mm Momo Monza steering wheel last week.  The leather is just amazing.  Only problem is that it apparently was involved in a hard accident at some point and the top two spokes were broken.

I am tempted to leave it as-is simply because the repair is just so cool with the old rivets and such.  I really want to use it in the car though, so I plan to drill it apart this weekend, have it TIG'd and then file and finesse it back to perfection...but maybe not...I just cant decide! 

Should be a fun project.  I love the wheel, only thing that would make it better is if it was 380mm.

I will update when I get more done.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

NOS EMPI GT Mags For Sale

I was at a local hot-rod show a few weeks back and ran into an old wheel collector that I had met about 15 years ago. I asked him if he had any old Porsche or VW mags and he told me about a pair of two-piece wheels that he had bought a few years back.

Turns out that they are original EMPI GT Mags.  You can see how the casting was originally designed for the 205mm VW bolt circle, but later modified for the smaller Porsche pattern.

This pair appears to be NOS.  They show no evidence of ever being mounted to a car or having a tire on them.  They have been sitting for decades and due to the high magnesium content will need to have the lips re-polished.

$600.00 for the pair  SOLD!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Jo Siffert book

From the first time I read about Jo Siffert, I was fascinated by him.  He was the stereotypical suave racing driver of the late '60's.   In just a little over a decade Siffert clawed his way from nothing, to the top of auto racing - Formula 1 for Yardley-BRM and Sports Car racing for Porsche.  Jo even owned his own Porsche dealership in Switzerland and leased many of the racing cars used in the film LeMans to Steve McQueen. 

I interviewed Brian Redman a few years back and he had this to say about Siffert:
"He was always buying or selling something.  He had lady friends all over the place – he was a great character and a great driver."

This is why I am so excited about a new Siffert biography by Ed Heuvink.  You can buy the book from my friend and Siffert's teammate Vic Elford  -

Monday, October 18, 2010

Another NOS GT3, This Time its an RS!

With only a handful of factory applied miles on it, this 2007 GT3-RS is essentially NOS. Sporting factory roll-cage mounts (rare on US spec cars) and with AC delete, this could be the ultimate dual purpose track-day weapon.  This GT3RS is as new, with all of the factory delivery protection on it.  Front lip spoiler has never been installed and thus is uncracked or scraped.

Price - $135,000

Click on the Flickr photo below and automatically view an 11 photo slideshow!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Barn Find Treasures...They Are Still Out There!

Built in Sept '65 and put up on blocks sometime in '72. Keep looking, there is still old tin out there.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rally in the Valley - 2010

Last weekend I hitched a ride from my friend Brian in his Conda Green '71 911 S. We traveled to Virgina for the annual Rally in the Valley, a casual gathering made up of members of the R Gruppe and the Early S Registry. While there, Raj was kind enough to make his 1967 "R" available to me for a feature story in an upcoming issue of Excellence magazine.

There never seems to be a shortage of events during the summer, but I think that RITV will be on my short list for the future.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Can a Car be NOS? 2004 Porsche 911 GT3

This 2004 GT3 is as brand new as you can get for a six year-old performance car. Showing only 21 miles on the odometer, this car has been lovingly preserved in a climate controlled Porsche museum. Looking inside, you see that the plastic has never been removed from the seats and gauges. The factory cardboard is still covering the carpet. The car is perfect!

Many GT3 enthusiasts feel that the 2004 generation of the GT3 was the pinnacle. Later versions were saddled with unnecessary luxuries such as sunroofs and air conditioning. This car was spec'd to be the ultimate track-day weapon. In this case, AC and sunroof were left unchecked while the important performance items like Porsche's spectacular ceramic disc brakes were selected. One unusual option is the Speed Yellow seat belts which match the exterior paintwork.

Click on the link below to see 13 more photos in slide-show format.

Asking $107,000.00

Friday, August 20, 2010

German? I Think Not!

Ok, so I promise that this wont happen very often, but I had to show off what I got to drive this afternoon - even if it isn't a VW or Porsche.

A Mini you ask? Yeah, its a Mini...but not a normal Mini. This one has a Honda VTEC engine stuffed into the front. It may look like a little bulldog, but it pulls like a greyhound! When the VTEC takes over, the exhaust changes from a howl to a shriek and it would probably pull to 10,000 RPM if it weren't for the rev limiter. I dig it!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vintage photos of the "Driver 904"

One of the Excellence Magazine readers sent us this photo taken at the GP of Angola in 1964 (photo is mis-labeled as '66). Car #12 is 904-028 driven by Gerhard Koch and now owned by Alex Pollock.

What, you didnt read about #028?!?! Well, make sure you grab the September issue of Excellence before it disappears off the stands!

Crank it up to 10!

Had a spare tach refurbished by North Hollywood Speedometer for my '70"S" to go along with the 2.8 liter twin plug that I had built this summer. Felt I should mention this as N. Hollywood makes it as easy as you can get to do business with them!

In less than two weeks, they modified a cheap 914 tachometer to function with an MSD ignition, changed it to 6-cyl, silkscreened the face to 10,000rpm and installed a new bezel. All at a very reasonable cost.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Porsche '69-'72 Factory Sport Seat with Tilt Base

This is a terrific seat. Drivers side sport seat with the original black vinyl upholstery. The tilt bracket has been stripped and powder coated. All of the hardware, sliders and levers have been replated to a new silver zinc finish.

There are two small flaws on the seat. One is a seam which has come loose near the bottom. this can be left as is or repaired by an upholstery shop. The other flaw is a small cut at the very base of the backrest on the back side. Padding is firm and comfortable and the strapping on the bottom is in good condition.

This seat is perfect to buy and install as-is in all but the most show quality early 911. It sits great and looks great! Price: SOLD

Stunning Peru Red '75 Carrera Coupe

For sale is this pristine enthusiast owned Peru Red U.S. Carrera. Peru Red is a very rare color and makes for a distinguished yet not too conservative appearance on this top of the line 911 from 1975. This is a fantastic collectors piece which needs almost nothing to be made perfect.

This car has had a full top quality repaint in the original color which included the removal of the engine and and a full detail. According to the previous seller, while the engine was out, it was sent to Dean Polopolus of Advanced Performance Engineering for a full service. While there are no records to validate this, the engine runs fantastic and leaks no oil which would support this claim. The gearbox is quiet and shifts like a new car. In fact, this Carrera drives like a new Toyota. Steering is tight, suspension and handling is taut and there are no squeaks or rattles to be heard anywhere. Even the tires are close to brand new.

Paint quality is fantastic as are the panel gaps and alignment which is one of the most challenging and key elements of doing the job right. Please view the detail photos of the panel gaps - the fit and finish is exceptional. Looking around the car, you notice the factory driving lamps, headlight squirters and electric sunroof. Inside, you are met with immaculate "Cinnamon" upholstery and dash top with no cracks, tears or damage. However, the carpeting is original to the car and is beginning to show its age in the drivers footwell. The Carrera also comes equipped with electric windows and the special and rare factory thick-grip leather steering wheel.

In the trunk you will find the original tool kit, spare tire and jack. There is no rust or rot to be found anywhere on this car. It currently shows approx 64,650 miles.

The 74/75 Carrera is in the midst of chasing its big-brother the '73 RS Carrera in value. It is unlikely that it will ever reach the values of the '73, but there is no doubt that excellent examples like this one will continue to escalate in value while also affording its owner the opportunity to drive and enjoy the investment like Porsche intended them to.

Price: $SOLD!

Click below to see a 30+ photo slide-show of this car.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Porsches 2 Oxford 2011 - Take II

The third car on display in Ron's trifecta was the completed Aase brothers GTU car which I had featured under construction earlier this month. Probably my favorite car of the weekend!

Porsches 2 Oxford 2011

What a great event. Great weather, 460+ Porsche's and a alluring little college town. Its a nice way to spend a Saturday.

Ron Thomas brought three fresh cars to display and I could have spent all day just on those three cars! The first was a white/green '73 RS. The second was a 2011 GT3RS in a one-off matching white/green paint scheme.

Enjoy...more to come later this week.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Weapon of Mass Destruction

One of my favorite early 911's is this red '73 built by Jeff Smith and now owned by Dario Franchitti. A 3.8 liter Varioram motor was stuffed into the back of this lightweight street missile. This was one of the nicest early cars that I have driven - docile and comfortable most of the time yet brutally fast when given the input.