Sunday, December 26, 2010

For Sale - '73 T 911 Engine w' MFI

This is a complete and running MFI motor from a '73 T.  The engine has 76,000 original miles on it and is in good running condition.  A leakdown test was performed last month and the engine shows less than 3% leakage on each cylinder.  It comes complete with good heat exchangers and muffler.  The cam drive seal for the MFI has been replaced and a new set of Bosch spark plugs recently installed.

Reason for the sale is that the chassis is being converted to a '73 RSR and the engine will be replaced with a 3.6 liter.

Cost is $4,250.00 and includes palletizing and freight within the continental U.S.  The engine is still in the car and is located in Columbus, OH if potential buyers would like to see it run.


Please see video below.

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