Sunday, February 13, 2011

Just another one of the toys

Do you remember that one friend when you were a kid that had all of the cool toys?  You know the kind...while you were getting by with a C3PO and Luke Skywalker figure, your friend had the official carrying case with every Star-Wars figure ever made along with the toy fighters that they fit inside.

My buddy Ron is that kid.  I get by just fine with my old 911, but I sure have a good time when I visit his toy-box.  He has all the cool pieces; GT3 RS, '73 Carrera RS, and the Boba Fett of early Porsches - a 924 Carrera GTS.

Anyway, last fall Ron called and suggested that I come up and see his new 917.  Whhhhaaaa???  Ok, so its not a REAL 917, but its pretty cool nonetheless!  Built on a tube chassis, this is about as close to a real 917 you will ever get without forking over a couple million bucks.  Aside from the 400+hp 3.6 liter flat-six engine, you could easily be fooled into thinking it is the real thing.

A snapped a couple pictures of it in the workshop.  Photo quality is only so-so, but its hard to do anything too interesting in an shop.  My goal this year is to get Ron to hang plates on it and see it cruising around town!

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