Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Coming Soon to a Magazine Near You!

Lots to talk about with these two. No pseudo racers here...true period race cars believed lost, but now found. More later!

Monday, March 18, 2013

'73 911 RS Blue Chip Restoration

The May issue of Excellence Magazine contains my feature on a spectacular restoration of a 73 Carrera. It's the details and the effort to make it authentic which makes this restoration so special. Here are some additional photos that were not used in the article.
Read the Excellence story here:

Notice how certain fender bolts were installed prior to painting. Only the ones with the carpet clips were plated.

Original stenciled "03" was replicated

Note inspection marks on latch hardware.

Cooling fan as delivered. Mottled die-cast magnesium finish w' Cosmoline

"R" stencil replicated on trailing arm. Notice selective use of undercoating (per original) and all the factory spot-welds

Factory paint marks on the brake pads

Masked off portion of headlight bucket prior to undercoat (see article for explanation)

Sealer coat peeking through thin paint copied from factory proceedures.

Did you know that every early 911 had one or two aluminum washers between the rear valance and the bumper corners?

Foil heat tube has small crimps after installed on heat exchanger per factory process.

Notice how the last few inches of the strut steering arm is painted black so that you cant see it through the wheel.