Thursday, October 28, 2010

NOS EMPI GT Mags For Sale

I was at a local hot-rod show a few weeks back and ran into an old wheel collector that I had met about 15 years ago. I asked him if he had any old Porsche or VW mags and he told me about a pair of two-piece wheels that he had bought a few years back.

Turns out that they are original EMPI GT Mags.  You can see how the casting was originally designed for the 205mm VW bolt circle, but later modified for the smaller Porsche pattern.

This pair appears to be NOS.  They show no evidence of ever being mounted to a car or having a tire on them.  They have been sitting for decades and due to the high magnesium content will need to have the lips re-polished.

$600.00 for the pair  SOLD!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Jo Siffert book

From the first time I read about Jo Siffert, I was fascinated by him.  He was the stereotypical suave racing driver of the late '60's.   In just a little over a decade Siffert clawed his way from nothing, to the top of auto racing - Formula 1 for Yardley-BRM and Sports Car racing for Porsche.  Jo even owned his own Porsche dealership in Switzerland and leased many of the racing cars used in the film LeMans to Steve McQueen. 

I interviewed Brian Redman a few years back and he had this to say about Siffert:
"He was always buying or selling something.  He had lady friends all over the place – he was a great character and a great driver."

This is why I am so excited about a new Siffert biography by Ed Heuvink.  You can buy the book from my friend and Siffert's teammate Vic Elford  -

Monday, October 18, 2010

Another NOS GT3, This Time its an RS!

With only a handful of factory applied miles on it, this 2007 GT3-RS is essentially NOS. Sporting factory roll-cage mounts (rare on US spec cars) and with AC delete, this could be the ultimate dual purpose track-day weapon.  This GT3RS is as new, with all of the factory delivery protection on it.  Front lip spoiler has never been installed and thus is uncracked or scraped.

Price - $135,000

Click on the Flickr photo below and automatically view an 11 photo slideshow!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Barn Find Treasures...They Are Still Out There!

Built in Sept '65 and put up on blocks sometime in '72. Keep looking, there is still old tin out there.