Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Jo Siffert book

From the first time I read about Jo Siffert, I was fascinated by him.  He was the stereotypical suave racing driver of the late '60's.   In just a little over a decade Siffert clawed his way from nothing, to the top of auto racing - Formula 1 for Yardley-BRM and Sports Car racing for Porsche.  Jo even owned his own Porsche dealership in Switzerland and leased many of the racing cars used in the film LeMans to Steve McQueen. 

I interviewed Brian Redman a few years back and he had this to say about Siffert:
"He was always buying or selling something.  He had lady friends all over the place – he was a great character and a great driver."

This is why I am so excited about a new Siffert biography by Ed Heuvink.  You can buy the book from my friend and Siffert's teammate Vic Elford  -

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