Sunday, February 26, 2012

Porsche of the Village Winter Concours 2012

A highlight of winter is the neat concours held each February at Porsche of the Village in Cincinnati Ohio. This year's event coincided with the arrival of the new 991 series Carrera, so the featured car of the night was the 911. Ron Thomas's '65 911 coupe was the oldest and of course the newest was the silver 991 on display. This is a fantastic event with terrific food and adult beverages on hand all night. Tons of people showed up and we had a great time. Thanks Porsche of the Village and PCNA for throwing such a great party and getting us out of the house on a chilly Feb evening!

 Stunning '77 Turbo with 12,000 original miles and the original silver finish. ('70's era silver was known to fail prematurely, so this is quite a rarity.)

 Ron Thomas's '74 Carrera in Gulf Blue

 Jim Amato's Olive SWT with Ed Pimm's red 67 SWT 911 behind
 Some of the "Beautiful People" on hand...oh, and my buddy Mark too.
 Tons of early 911's. 

 Auto*Legends Brent's freshly restored green '70 T. Orange '70'S was a 12,000 mile original car.

 Dr. McCuskey ordered his '73 S new through Chuck Stoddard. Goal was to make something as close to the 73 RS as possible. Car is Signal Yellow with sports seats. 7" rear wheels and ultra-rare 380mm RSR steering wheel with 30mm factory spacer were dealer installed options. Terrific car!
One of Ted Hersey's "7" Auto Detailing crew hard at work.
Homer of AASE Sales spent the night trying to convince people that he owned the '11 Speedster
Dave Raum lovin' his recently purchased GT3-RS

Monday, February 6, 2012


Check that Reflection!

Peter Hofman
Jorge calculating how much jail time he would face if he just jumped in and raced away!