Wednesday, December 8, 2010

908 at Daytona

The 908 in its various incarnations (Coupe, Spyder, Long-Tail, Flunder,908/02, 908/03) is probably my favorite plastic Porsche racing car.  Over the period of four years, 908's won at Zeltwig, Hockenheim, Watkins Glen, Mantorp, the Salzburgring, Daytona, Brands Hatch, Monza, Spa Francorchamps and at the Nurburgring!  They nearly beat the mighty Ford GT40's at LeMans in 1969 even though the Fords had twice the engine capacity.

Has any other racing model ever won at so many different tracks and events?

Im not sure of the history of this particular car, but the photo was snapped in Daytona during the last Rennsport Reunion in 2007.

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