Monday, November 28, 2011

Texas BBQ Round Up

Wen to East TX this past weekend to visit family. While there I made arrangements with my buddy and fellow RGruppe member Bob Aines to cruise to Dallas and meet up with some of the Texas Gruppe for lunch. We met up at Jack Griffin's pad to see some of his toys which include a 914-6, Outlaw 356 sunroof coupe, '69 912 and a super low mileage 3.2 Carrera.

What was supposed to be a quick meet & greet ended up turning into a serious bench racing session while standing around in the garage.
Ed Mayo "Did I say something wrong?"
Anyone know a good barber?


Eventually, someone's stomach reminded us that we were supposed to be going to lunch, so we headed out. I seized the opportunity to jump into Mark Hanna's '69 911S RaceCa....errrr "Street Car". This is one angry and cantankerous little car. Light, loud and was a blast to ride in. Suburban Dallas didnt know what to think of this noisy little furrin car! Thanks Mark!

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