Saturday, November 5, 2011

Really? More Rennsport Photos?

Ok, so I know that for the past several weeks, Rennsport photos have been everywhere...including plenty right here. But there was just so much to see, I can help but throw out just a few more images.

It was cool to see the Aase GTU car back at
Laguna Seca after so many years. The car was
recently restored by Ron Thomas from Columbus
Ohio. Lumped in with 934's and 935's, Ron was
pleased to have been one of the highest finishers
with a normally aspirated engine. The little 2.5 did

click for LARGER view
This SWB 911 has long been one of my favorites.
It was nice to see it on track. Shame about the
updates required to make it more competitive...
especially the polished Fuchs wheels. I miss the
magnesium American Racing wheels.

Brian Redman can still tear it up in a 908!

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  1. I have never heard of magnesium American Racing wheels before but than again I'm very new to the whole racing scene. I love coming across blog like these though because they help me gain more knowledge on my new passion. Thank you for sharing David!