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For Sale - 2.7 RS #1288

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Porsche RS #1288 started life in Stuttgart as a touring (M472) model. Meticulously restored with as many new old stock (NOS) factory parts as possible, an example of this quality is rarely seen - let alone offered for sale. As one of three right-hand drive (RHD) ‘73 Carreras produced in black, #9113601288 is even rarer because it was ordered with a sunroof. “One of a kind” may be a description that’s casually used these
days, but in this case it easily applies.

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RS Touring #9113601288 left the Porsche factory in 1973 with the following specification:
Black Paint (1010)
Black Leatherette Interior (Std)
England Equipment – RHD (C16)
Porsche (Carrera) Lettering on doors, left and right
Outside Mirror – Driver’s Side (423)
Stereo Loudspeaker with Electric Antenna (450/451)
Electric Sliding Sunroof (650)
Power Windows (651)

In addition, it also had the following items as 
indicated in Konradsheim's “Carrera RS” book:
Limited-Slip Differential (220)
Head Restraints (258)
Sport Seats, left and right (409)
Retractable Seat Belts, left and right (419)

Every fastener and componant that could not be returned to as new condition was replaced with a correct NOS Porsche part. Several original RS's were referenced during restoration. It was only in this way that the car could be assured of being accurately returned to original specification. Deviations from original are the use of pepita seat inserts in black, white and red, which exactly match the factory fabric, a vintage rear seat delete, and the addition of through-the-grill fog lights. All changes are easily reversed if the new owner wishes.

Since the original 2.7L MFI engine case was lost in the past, a correct 7R replacement case was sourced. All parts used in the engine construction came from an original RS or were new  factory pieces. The RS spec MFI is tuned perfectly, the car pulls hard and clean, and the motor doesn’t drop a speck of oil. The full 210 bhp at 6,300 rpm and 188 ft lb of torque at 5,100 rpm are on tap. The original gearbox has the limited slip differential and external oil pump as specified on the car’s COA.

The suspension was completely intact when restoration was begun in 2004. Included were the unique trailing arms specific to this vintage RS. Any worn suspension items were replaced with period-correct NOS parts. All others were given the appropriate refurbishing and refinishing to appear as they left the factory in 1973.

 A genuine 1973 Carrera fiberglass and steel ducktail was sourced along with genuine front fenders, RS rear quarter panels, bumper ends and front bumper. Thousands of hours were spent preparing the finish and NOS trim pieces that would bring it back to like new condition.  The Glasurit paint was applied at the well-known Kundensport in Camarillo, CA.



All parts installed to the interior are period-correct NOS 
for a ’73 RS, from the RHD dash to the seats, to the harness.
Vintage Pirelli CN36 Cinturato tires of the correct size adorn
the appropriate 7 and 8x15 Fuchs wheels painted India Red
to match the Carrera stripes.
NOS trim installed includes all deco, rubber, seals and
Bosch Euro turn signal lenses. Correct engine compartment
decals and foil stickers are present and accounted for.
The appropriate window decal was even applied to the
passenger side rear quarter window,
just as the factory did when the car was new.

 RS #1288 represents a truly unique specimen of the most famous 911 Porsche ever produced. Restored to original condition without compromise- RHD, black and sporting a sunroof and electric windows as ordered, this is a car that can take pride of place in the most discriminating of automotive collections.

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Note: A blank replacement 7R 2.7 engine case is also available for purchase, as is a complete lightweight RS interior,  lightweight RS glass, and genuine lightweight rear bumper.

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