Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Werk Crew Calender for the year Twenty and Twelve

Love getting packages from the WerkCrew compound.  Someday, WerkCrew will be as recognizable and exciting as Apple is today. When that day comes, we little people will be able to say that we knew boB when he was still answering his own emails.

The latest exciting package to arrive was my copy of the limited edition 2012 WerkCrew Calender. Not your traditional calender, you wont be scribbling in appointments with your therapist or meetings with your bookie in evenly spaced grids. Nope, each month has a different layout. Now, when you flip the page at the beginning of a new month, you have the thrill of a new photo as well as a different layout. Functional...not always. Cool and fun, absolutely.

Get yours here while you can - http://werkcrew.com/

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