Saturday, December 3, 2011

1968 912 Barn Find (Garage) For Sale

Original owner, original paint 912. Just found in a small wooden garage and purchased from the 94 year old widow of the original owner.
The car is completely unmolested and original. Yes, it has a couple of rust spots, but the floors and underside are very solid.
One year only 68 interior is nearly perfect. Will just need some tidying up. Original carpet is in excellent shape and the car still smells fresh. No mold or mustiness. Even the seat hardware is clean and shiny.  Car has been washed and that is it. Needs complete recommissioning (brakes, fuel, etc) but the engine turns over by hand and I was told that it was driven into the garage. I have no reason to suspect that there are any problems with the engine.
Another $10-12k will make this one of the cleanest original 912's out there. Be sure to look at the trunk area, behind the dash and the interior details.

50+ photos here:

Price - SOLD!

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