Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Road Trippin - Day 04

Day 4 was a pretty special day for me. We left Show Low bright and early - destination The Grand Canyon.  My parents had lived in Arizona just before I was born and they visited the Canyon while I was still in the womb. Amazingly, even though I had been to Arizona many times to visit family, I had never been to the Canyon.

Forget everything that you think that you know about the Grand Canyon. Unless you have been, there is no way that you can describe or even imagine the immensity and striking beauty.

Our trip also took us past Mormon Lake, a shallow lake with a herd of Elk grazing right in the middle.

The cars were performing flawlessly and our group pulled into the El Tovar Hotel late in the afternoon...just in time to clean up and watch the sun set over the canyon. Good times!

Vasco - a long way from Portugal!

Mormon Lake

Entering Grand Canyon National Park

My '70 S at the Grand Canyon - Vasco driving.

Me (David), Curt E and Jerod R

Alan B, Curt E, Jerod R, David C and Brian F

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