Monday, July 11, 2011

Road Trippin - Day 02

The morning arrived rather early on Day 2 - well before 7am.  But before we talk about that, lets tell a story.

As mentioned before, Curt had equipped his car as a pseudo Rallye car for this trip. With just a little effort, he created a really clever and unique look. He switched out the Fuchs for a set of steel wheels, installed factory style skid plates, installed some period rallye accessories in the interior as well as a few other details. One of the most noteworthy touches was the pair of mudflaps hanging from the rear fenders. Curt insisted that we refer to them as "European rallye stone-guards" but when he wasn't around, they were just 'mud-flaps'.

Coincidentally, the artist of the bunch, Jared, had the remainder of a roll of bright yellow decal material in his trunk. This was left over from the Luftansa livery that Jared had applied for the trip west. So, long story short, sometime during the night Jared trimmed out a pair of "Naked Ladies" for Curt's mudflaps and snuck down and attached them.

Quite a few miles passed before Curt figured out why everyone else on the road was laughing.

Gotta love those wide open spaces in the great Southwest! 

One of the stops that I insisted that we make was the Cadillac Ranch outside of Amarillo, TX. I recall seeing this row of old Cadillac's sticking out of the ground during trips out to Arizona to visit my grandparents when I was a child. I always wanted to take the walk out to the cars, when I was little, so it was a treat to finally do so as an adult.

We added another 640 miles n day 2 and the final run into Ruidoso New Mexico, from Roswell, NM was just about perfect. It was a wide open highway with the sun going down. The sunset was stunning and as the daylight faded to a final burst of dark orange I snapped probably my favorite image yet.

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