Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Road Trippin - Day 01

One of the most memorable automotive experiences of all time for me was the road trip that I took with the rest of the Midwest RGruppe to California in 2008.  My friend Vasco flew in from Lisbon Portugal and acted as co-driver and got to see the "Real America".

I haven't really had much of an opportunity to share the photos, so over the next couple of weeks I will post highlights from the trip.

Day 1 was Effingham IL - Stroud, OK...600 miles under our belt in the first day!

Scott Hansen drove down from Chicago in his '69E.

Here is Vasco settling into a groove on I-70.

Alan Brody with his '69 S Targa.

Curt Egerer's rallye influenced Targa (more on this later) and Randy Stenson's mean 2.8 liter '70 T

Jerod Rundell had a cool racing livery on his '73S for the trip.  That's me in the background.

The reward for a job well done.  Pizza and beer in the hotel parking lot. This was more difficult than it would seem due to the goofy liqueur laws in Stroud. Only one place in town sold beer and they could only sell it warm. You had to go to another store across town to buy ice and then wait for the beer to cool. I guess it's the 7-day waiting period principle. Ensuring that nobody drinks a beer without really, really contemplating their actions.

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