Saturday, July 2, 2011

Original Unrestored Scheel 300 Racing/Rally Seat FS

I recently dug these seats out of a dusty attic where they had been stashed away for many years.  The Scheel 300 was a factory option in the 911ST and RSR in the early 70's.  They were also the BMW factory race seat in the '73 CSL's.  These lightweight fiberglass buckets are in excellent condition structurally.  They are complete with sliders and tilt brackets for early Porsche 911.

The upholstery is in better than average condition when you consider that they are 35-40 years old. The vinyl on the drivers bolster is worn from where the lap belt rubs across it and the passenger seat bolster has a cigerette burn.  Otherwise the vinyl has a couple of little stains here and there, but is in pretty good condition.

The black cloth inserts are not torn or ripped, but are saggy from being exposed to a lot of heat while in that attic. They also need a good cleaning. The seats are certainly usable as-is, or new covers are available from Gerritt at NML Classics in Germany and are not terribly expensive.

Price $3,200.00


  1. Hello friend , do you still selling this seats ? I am interested about them ;) Text me at : please :) Thank you, and have a good day.

  2. Seats avail? If so send details to