Monday, May 21, 2012

The Olive Tart - Excellence Magazine #202

Last September I flew to Connecticut and spent a full day photographing and driving the "Olive Tart", a '71 911S rebuilt into a staggeringly detailed and accurate ST replica. It was a great day and this is one of my all time favorite early 911's.

Issue 202 of Excellence Magazine contains the feature. You can read the entire story before the magazines are mailed here  (but buy a copy anyway):

You can read about the entire build here in this 78 page thread at the Early 911 S Registry Message Board:

Here are some out-takes not seen in the magazine.


  1. Just got the e-mail from Excellence
    I usually don't read the online articles and patiently wait for the mag to arrive, but when I recognized the car and saw your name, I went ahead and read it anyway...
    Great job, cool pix too!

  2. Cool car, great pics. Thats the original color of my 70T! Every time I see it on someones car I like it more and more, But it means a whole bare metal resto.