Saturday, May 19, 2012

For Sale - '73 Euro Retractable Repa Seat Belts

Like the sports seats sold last week, these belt assy's came from a '73 E which was recently parted out. What makes them specific for a Euro market car is the single run of orange stitching running through the center of the belt webbing. These could be considered "correct" for a '73 Carrera RS.

The condition of this pair is best described as average. The webbing is clean and in very good condition. The male latches have some rust pitting on one side of the chrome tongue. The inertia reels work and retract as designed but I would probably remove the covers (small Phillips screws) and lubricate them for a slightly smoother action.
Includes the rear reel covers, all hardware and bolt covers. Sadly, the little white cloth part number tags are tattered beyond restoration, but this is the only significant let-down as far as condition goes.

Price - $old!

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  1. Hello, I'm interested, could you contact with me at jlredo at gmail dot com.
    Shipping cost to Spain?
    Thank you.