Sunday, May 13, 2012

'73 Porsche 911 Sports Seats

"Correct" for a '73 RS Carrera, this pair of sports seats was recently liberated from a destroyed '73 E Euro Sunroof Coupe.

The bolsters and perimeter material is the traditional black vinyl. The inserts were an unusual black nylon material that I have never seen before. They have faded to a shiny green color. The details suggest that this was the original upholstery. They could have been recovered...but it is my opinion that they have not and this is just one of those funky "euro delivery" things

The seats are complete with sliders and tilt brackets. The passenger side is a double-locker, but the drivers side - which has the notches in the track and bracket for the second lock- is only equipped with a single locker. Again, this was likely a case of the factory using what was available at the moment, as the notched bracket identifies it as a '73 plus the details and wear/tear seem to indicate a matched pair from new.

These are definitely "core" seats with tears in the upholstery, missing and incorrect screws in the hinge assy and multiple coats of cheap paint on the brackets and sliders. However, they do include the correct '73 peanut headrests as well as the correct seat belt receivers. A full restoration is in order, but well worth the effort as these are the Premier Seats in the early 911 world.

Can ship worldwide at buyers expense. 

Price - $old
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Notice notch for double locker pawl in bracket but no mechanism

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