Tuesday, April 24, 2012

'67 Cal-Look VW

Since we were talking about black VW Beetles, let me share mine. This is a car that I bought way back in '93 and spent about 5 years rebuilding into a Cal-Look car. Originally the 2276cc engine had a pair of Weber IDA carb's, but I began to get restless and in the mid 2000's I converted it over to turbo power. Best E.T. is a 10.84 @ 127mph.
Since then, all desire to race the car has gone away. Too many parts broken and too much time invested. Waaaay too much power for a street car! The car is mothballed right now - waiting to be converted back to the original IDA Webers and a more streetable tune. 

Street images: Jesse King
Track image: Unknown


  1. Still one of my favorite Cal Look VWs EVER. That 3/4 rear shot just says it all. Black paint, ARE, fat tires. Just perfect.

  2. Stephan is right, the version with ARE makes this car one of the best cal look ever !
    she deserves to be on the road again !! ;-)

  3. It’s amazing how this Beetle was transformed to have that California look! I think you've done a great job with this car. Why not give it a second chance? I've seen other Beetles with a roof rack for that Cal-Look. You are lucky to own this classic car, and you driving it again will make me smile and other Volkswagen enthusiasts.