Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Porsche's, VW's and Nostalgia Lakesters? One of these things is not like the other...or is it?  Take a closer look at what is hiding in the back.  Flathead? Chrysler Hemi? Nope, a Harley Davidson V-Rod motor.  And who designed and developed the V-Rod?  Why Porsche of course! (yeah, its a stretch...but that's one of the "bennies" of having your own blog)

One of my regular stops when I am out and around the northern part of my city is Quality Machine, owned by Dave Pleasant and his two sons. Outstanding machinists,fabricators and hard-core hot rodders, "Quality" is the kind of place that you can walk in with a broken part and have it fixed by the time you head home for dinner.They narrow wheels for me and fab all kinds of cool stuff.

This is the latest project being built in a partnership with a customer. They are planning to run it at the upcoming ECTA "Ohio Mile" Speed Trials in Wilmington Ohio. The first event is scheduled for April 28-29 w' Hot Rod Magazine as a major sponsor. The goal is 160 mph in Wilmington and 200 at Bonneville!

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