Saturday, October 22, 2011

Rennsport Reunion IV

Took way to many photos during the weekend at Laguna Seca...but how could you not?  It really is impossible to capture the beauty of that many great Porsche cars in one location. The most cliche statement heard about Rennsport is that it was too much to take in. But seriously, where else would you walk past RSR's and 935's without stopping to look closer. There just wasn't enough time to talk to everyone you wanted to see, watch the racing and look at all of the cars in the paddock. There were hundreds of terrific cars in the parking corrals and I wasn't able to look at them even once. And I was there for FOUR whole days, not the typical three that most people got!

Here is a handful of my favorite images from the event. Many more to come, so make sure you bookmark me.

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