Thursday, October 20, 2011

Late '73 911 Tool Kit

This is a very special tool kit. In mid '73 Porsche retired the tool kits with the small metal buckles and replaced them with a kit that had a simple cotton string stitched to it. This string would be used to tie the kit closed. Being that it was cotton with only a very delicate couple of stitches holding it to the vinyl bag, these strings didn't last too long.

I would consider this tool kit a starter kit. This is for the person who doesn't have a tool kit in their car. The bag is in overall good condition, but needs a good cleaning - but those super rare strings are attached! There are a few paint marks on it, but those could probably be removed with some elbow grease. It is fairly complete, but missing the screwdrivers. It does have the little pudenz fuse kit, but it is in poor condition. The tools that are there with the exception of the Hapwae pliers all show some corrosion. The pliers are in very good condition.

Price: $375.00

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