Wednesday, October 1, 2014

FS - Best Fuchs in the World?

For sale is this set of five (5) original and matching Fuchs Deep-Six wheels. These are dated 11/70 and 12/70 and were removed many years ago from a 26,000 mile original 911E.

The four road wheels( # 1-4 in photos) are near perfect (9.9 out of 10) and are shod with vintage but not original Michelin XWX Radial tires. (tires are hard and should not be used). The spare tire (#5 in photos) wears its original Michelin X tube tire. This wheel has never been mounted to a car. It is essentially NOS and is perfect! You wont find a more pristine set of deep-6 Fuchs anywhere.  Perfect for a preservation 71 911.

Good core deep-6's are $600-$800 each and then you have restoration costs including shipping. Why have restored wheels when you can have original at the same cost?

Price - $5200.00

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