Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Historics - Laguna Seca 2013

Sadly, I was only able to spend 4 hours at the track during the Historics in August. Saw very little racing, but did get to wander around the paddock and the parking corrals.  In no particular order were some of the quirky and cool things I saw.


  1. Hello! That black corvette is Betty. She's a 1964. Her acquisition was partially funded by the '66 912 I had before her. I was actually looking for a SWB 911 when I found her in the high desert in Southern California. What's it like going from Porsche to 'Vette? The word 'barbaric' comes to mind, but this ol' black Chevy is FUN. Ran her in the California Targa 2013, autocross her a bit, and she was there in Monterey this past summer too. She even got to do a couple of laps on the track.