Friday, October 19, 2012

The Hollywood Starlet

A friend of mine recently unearthed this wonderful little 1955 356 1500 Continental Coupe in LA. The car was a one family car and spent its entire life in the Hollywood area. It is a very well preserved car with only one old paint job and no collision damage. There is a lot to be learned with a car like this that has never been taken apart, banged on, welded up and restored. For example, look at those tight panel gaps and how sharp the edges are on the door openings. Most restored cars have soft round edges - makes the paint less likely to chip off. But that isn't how they were originally.
So, the big question! What would you do if this was yours? Honor the patina and live with the bumps and grinds, or completely restore it?  Tough call...or is it?

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