Sunday, September 30, 2012

R Gruppe Bergrennen - Day 2

Day two started out wet. Most everyone took their time at breakfast and got a fairly late start. Throughout the day, the rain would come and go, but once the roads were experienced, nobody was complaining. After the drive, most hung out in the parking lot, bench racing, enjoying a few beers and even a little bit of moonshine that was donated by an unknown local that had an appreciation for German machinery.

Luke M breaking into Dave Miller's car. He got the stereo, $6 in change and Dave's Debbie Gibson CD's

Gray Wolf - Curt Egerer

Jim F's RS replica

I swear to God that if you don't leave me alone I will put fingerprints all over it!

Dave B made the trip out from TRE-land. Shoulda brought RainX

Scott Stamper brought the Turbo.

Rob Abbot's 68 S

Farrell Martin's slick 912 sunroof coupe

Scott Hansen's Whitey aka Whitney

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